Wedding Planning 101: Elements of the Perfect Proposal

Before the wedding planning can start, there’s one little (okay, not so little) question that needs to be asked. While it may seem like a simple phrase, “Will you marry me?” is probably one of the most nerve-wracking questions you’ll ever have to utter. But never fear, Once Upon a Wedding is here . . . to help, that is. Whether you want your proposal to be over-the-top epic or sweetly sincere, there are a few elements that you’ll want to consider and have in place for one of the most special milestones of your lives. Here are the major ones to keep in mind:


1. The Ring

Okay, we know this one’s pretty obvious, but for the most part, proposals (in Western culture at least) are accompanied by a certain piece of bling. We know that the choices here are endless, so whether you know your loved one’s style best, get some help from a friend or family member, wait to shop with your soon-to-be spouse, or decide to go completely nontraditional and opt out of jewelry (more power to you!), this is one thing you’ll want to carefully ponder before the big moment arrives.

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2. The Location

As you’re planning your proposal, we recommend you give lots of thought to the perfect place to pop the question. Some ideas include:

• A gorgeous local spot (a park or the beach, somewhere with a beautiful city backdrop, etc.)

• Somewhere special to your relationship (where you met or had your first date, a favorite place to go, etc.)

• A special occasion (a holiday or party)

• At home

Wherever you choose, this is a memory that you’ll keep forever, so make sure it has the right backdrop.

beach_engagement_couple3. The Speech

Even if you plan to wing it and be spontaneous as you ask the love of your life to spend forever together, it can be a huge help to make some mental notes or even jot them down. Even the most steel-nerved folks will likely feel some butterflies, so planning a bit ahead of time can be a lifesaver.

4. Attendees

Do you want this to be a private moment between you and your significant other, or do you prefer to share the joy with special friends/family? Maybe you’d like to keep the actual proposal private, but have loved ones on-site to celebrate immediately after? Something else to consider, too, is having a photographer hidden to capture the excitement and emotion for you to relive for years to come.


5. “Extras”

This is the “how will you do it” part. Whether with a sweet scavenger hunt, a romantic meal, incorporating their favorite hobby, on vacation, or with a thousand yellow daisies* – the sky’s really the limit. Even if you want to keep it completely simple and heartfelt, try to think of some memorable, personal, and unique way to show your bride (or groom) to be how much they mean to you. We guarantee they’ll never forget the moment you create for them.


Tell us! What’s your proposal story, or your ideal proposal? Do you love seeing amazing stories (and rings!) as much as we do? Let us know in the comments.

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*Bonus points and eternal love for anyone who can tell us in the comments where this reference came from.

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