Wedding Planning 101: 4 Ways to Incorporate Lighting in Your Wedding Decor Design


This holiday season, we can’t get enough of the twinkling lights shining along Michigan Avenue. They have us thinking about one of our favorite elements of wedding décor year-round: lighting. Wedding lighting can be one of the most overlooked aspects when couples are designing their ceremonies and receptions, but they can also have the biggest impact in the overall look and feel of your big day. Not only do lighting elements affect and enhance how your guests literally see your event venue, they also serve to decorate the space themselves. There are so many ways to incorporate lighting into your celebration, but here are a few of our very faves:

1. String Lights

One of our very favorite ways to light any ceremony or reception is string lights. These can include traditional white or yellow Christmas-type lights, the more round bistro lights, rope lights – well, pretty much any lights on a string; you get the picture. No matter which you choose, though, they all lend the perfect sparkle to your celebration. Many wedding venues come already equipped with such lighting, while lots of others easily allow for you to supply your own. Either way, we say there is nary a wedding that can’t be enhanced with the special, whimsical touch these bring.


2. Uplighting

While uplighting is pretty standard at most weddings these days, we love the personalization these bring to an indoor wedding venue. Selecting the perfect color(s) to complement the space and décor can make all the difference in how the room looks to your guests. And who wants boring old walls anyway?


3. Candles

The romantic glow of candlelight is practically designed for weddings. Candles provide such warmth and atmosphere to any room. No matter the kind of wedding you’re going for, candles will almost always be a perfect accent to the other décor you’ve painstakingly planned. There are countless options for including candles in your celebration. Whether small tealights accent your gorgeous centerpieces, clusters of chunky candles light your way down the aisle, or beautiful and interesting candle holders become integral to your stunning reception tablescapes, you can’t go wrong choosing to incorporate candlelight in your design.


4. Installations

For the truly bold, a custom light installation might just be the ideal focal point of your ceremony or reception. These pieces are perfect for showing your personalities as a couple (and provide just gorgeous, unique photos to boot!). We love the whimsy and charm a beautiful chandelier (or three…) brings to a romantic affair. Or for the modern couple, a sleek industrial piece could be just the ticket to making your wedding unforgettable to friends and family. And don’t even get us started on lighted signs.


Are you planning any special lighting for your big day? Have you seen something at other weddings that just blew you away? Tell us in the comments!

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