Latte of Love: The story behind our romantic coffee-themed loft styled shoot

Okay, boys and girls, let’s gather around, because it’s time for a story. Picture a handsome man as he enters his favorite local coffee shop; we’ll call him Steven. He places his usual order and moves to the side to wait. The barista calls out his order, and as he moves to grab the cup, so does another hand. He looks up into the gorgeous eyes of our other hero; we’ll call him Michael. The two gents laugh at having the same order, and make a date (to have coffee of course), not knowing that there, in that quaint coffee shop, they were meeting the love of their life.


Okay, cheesy time is over. But this kind of super adorable meet cute served as the backstory inspiration for our most recent styled shoot! After meeting with the fab girls over at k+b photography, we knew we wanted to find a way to work with them asap, so the idea of a styled shoot was born. You guys know we couldn’t resist planning a themed wedding, and if you follow us on Instagram, you also know there’s one thing we love almost as much as weddings: coffee! So the theme was kind of a no-brainer.


We’ve been longtime fans of the gorgeous space at Greenhouse Loft, so we knew it was the perfect place for our theme to come together – and we were right! The huge windows, light wood, white beams, and even their awesome bar space were absolutely perfect for our coffee shop-inspired design. We envisioned a soft but masculine color palette in shades of brown and cream, with plenty of metallic accents, and our friends at Ashland Addison and Vintage Place Settings more than delivered. You guys, our centerpieces even featured a rose called Coffee Break! With the gorgeous flowers combined with the stunning vintage coffee pots and cups, we were in coffee-themed heaven.


Our super talented pal Kasey at Fir & Feather provided the stationery and calligraphy that brought just the right amount of detail and flair – we loved the sweet foil invitations she created! We were beyond lucky to find Simply Wood Rings, who CUSTOM MADE rings for our shoot. How amazing is that! Even better, the rings featured wood made from wine barrels and actual coffee. We can’t even.


Rounding out our little photoshoot gang were our dapper models, Sam Provenzano and Ian Sargent Phillips, who wore the heck out of the suits provided by Formally Modern. We couldn’t have had two better, or more fun, guys to play our grooms for the day.

As excited as we were while planning this shoot, we never in our wildest dreams imagined it would turn out as beautifully as it did. We really had a dream team of vendors, and they all worked so hard to bring our vision to life. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do! Let us know what you think in the comments.









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Dream Weddings: Rock & Roll

We’re in a creative mood today, and that means one thing: dream weddings! We’re always daydreaming about awesome wedding themes and how they could come together. Today, we’re feeling inspired by the music pumping through our speakers, so why not put together a mood board to match? That’s why today’s theme is (drum roll please) Rock & Roll. We’re big music fans around here, and we love the glamour and edge of a rock & roll themed wedding. There are so many ways to incorporate this theme into your decor (just like there are so many different genres of rock), but for today’s board we went with a dramatic, dark, almost gothic vibe.

Check out our board below and then let us know what you think in the comments. What do you like about a rock & roll wedding theme? What theme should we pick for our next Dream Wedding?


Wedding Planning 101: 5 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the basic building blocks that come together to create a wedding day; as ubiquitous as the cake or the dress or the music. But we know that traditional bouquets might not be for everyone – and you know by now that we’re all about putting together the wedding that suits you best! Whether for financial, aesthetic, or eco-conscious reasons, you may find yourself considering some alternatives to hiring an expert florist. The crafty among you are likely ready to roll up your sleeves and put your own time, labor, and personality into your floral accents. There are also some spectacularly creative artists out there who can create works of art for you, if DIY isn’t really your thing (we love some of the freaking awesome stuff that can be found on Etsy, for example). However you decide to put together the blooms that will decorate your celebration, here are a few of our favorite substitutes for traditional flowers:


1. Paper

While it may not be the first material to come to mind, paper flowers are actually stunning. There are a ton of options if this look suits you. We’ve seen flowers made from pages of books and/or sheet music, a gorgeous nod to couples especially fond of reading and music. Flowers made from plain colored paper and some paint can also be super pretty.

paper_boutonniere2. Fabric

Another great option for the offbeat couple is flowers made from various fabrics – from silk to burlap to felt to even crocheted. And bonus, you get to keep them forever!

fabric_bouquet3. Artificial

Not all artificial flowers look obviously fake, trust us. Craft stores carry some beautifully convincing options if this is more your style. One thing we love about using artificial flowers is that it can be a cost-saving and barely detectable alternative, should your favorite real blooms be out of season.

artificial_flower_centerpiece4. Market Flowers

Some couples choose to purchase their flowers the day before or even the day of their wedding from their local market, leaving to chance and creativity their ultimate floral look. We totally understand why this method may not be for every bride and groom, but for those couples with a laidback, bohemian style, some floral talents, and a little extra time, this can be an inexpensive and creative challenge.

market_flower_bouquet5. Non-florals

Okay, this category encompasses a whole range of things. A personal fave: bouquets with brooches/jewels/etc. Whether they make up the entire bouquet or serve as accents to other flowers, we seriously love the sparkle and elegance these bring. Another interesting, fun option is bouquets (or centerpieces, or boutonnieres) that are all greenery: succulents, herbs, etc. We’re pretty much talking about bouquets made of cool stuff: feathers, Christmas ornaments, seashells, or anything else you’re really into.



Are you thinking about going nontraditional with your wedding flowers? Have you seen something cool that we didn’t mention here? Tell us in the comments!